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OM-Au pair Celebrate the bougainvillea festival

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November sunshine with a little warm without any stingy aspersing the earth, the cool autumn wind blowing all around, dispersed the hot summer, such weather is perfect for travel ~~~

What's a good place to go in Shenzhen? Azalea flower show, of course.In the crisp autumn weather, all the Au-pair in OM-Au pair Center went to the Lianhuashan Park to enjoy the beautiful flower show with great mood.



Everyone arrived at the Kite square of Lianhuashan Park at 10 o 'clock on time.  The cool autumn wind in southern China seems to have no effect on our Au pair. It's still summer for the pretty girl from Canada...



Our au pair was a big hit at the flower show. People come up everywhere and ask if they can take a photo together. Of course, our au pair was interested in all kinds of people around here. Sure enough, selfies were taked all the time when girls go on a tour. It seems that girls all over the world are the same about selfies.Girls travel is everywhere pat pat, it seems that the selfie this point of the world's girls are the same.





The novelty in the park caught the attention of the au pair at once. I did not know what it was called either. There was a foam ball tied to a piece of string and attached to the foam ball was a long ribbon.It floated like a dragon's tail if it was swung correctly. It's still a little hard for our au pair, but it's excellent to be able to do it like this.




I want to tell you a little secret that today is also the birthday of our beautiful French girl Megane. After the flower show, we prepared a small but exquisite surprise birthday party for her in the office! In addition to the birthday cake, we also prepared a traditional Chinese food - dumplings! A happy day passed in the lovely smile of everyone ~~~


Happy birthday to Megane~~~




 let's take a look at the beautiful picture of rhododendron


The city flower of Shenzhen is bougainvillea, every year in November will hold a grand festival
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