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The au pair learns to play mahjong, an ancient eastern game

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   Chinese culture is extensive and profound, with a long history, it attracts tourists from all over the world. The au pair program allows young foreigners to join Chinese host families and gain an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture and lifestyle. At the same time, au pair will teach children to learn foreign languages, which is a fast way for children to learn foreign languages and connect with the world. More and more high-quality families who care about children's education have joined the ranks of au pair families. OM-Au pair center selects outstanding young people from European and American countries, aiming to make a small contribution to cultural export and cultural inflow.



 OM-Au pair center regularly organizes cultural experience activities for our au pair. Au pair from different countries sit together, eat snacks, drink hot tea and chat about what they have seen and heard in China and what they have learned about learning Chinese.




   Mahjong, commonly known as ''Sparrow'' in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and southern Fujian, is a gambling game invented by ancient Chinese. As one of Chinese people's favorite entertainment games, Mahjong culture has been spread to all over the world, as long as there are Chinese people, it is not difficult to find Mahjong, a collection of wisdom and entertainment in a board game.


   At that moment, we immediately arranged an activity for the au pair to experience Mahjong in person. We taught them from the the rules of the game and how to win the game. All our au pair was very interested in mahjong, and totally focused on learning how to play it. However, that was a difficult challenge for me, how to explained the meaning of professional terms about Mahjong​ for au pair is not easy.


   "Wind card, Wrigley card, Wan zi card, Bobbin card, Suozi card", "eat, touch, bar, hu", "Shuffle, Code card, Opening card"...... you can imagine the complexity of it.....​


​   After three or five games,  they almost mastered the basic rules of Mahjong, and not willing to leave.I guess it is time to teach them how to a Chinese saying : "Don't go, Let's battle until dawn!".

Chinese culture is extensive and profound, with a long history, it attracts tourists from all over the world. Let's explore China together!
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