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Martial Arts Experience Course——Taiji Class

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Martial Arts Experience Course——Taiji Class



Taijiquan is a high-level human body culture, which integrates various functions such as self-cultivation of temperament, physical fitness, fighting and confrontation. As a kind of sports form full of the concept of oriental tolerance, its exerciser's exercises for the mind, Qi, shape and spirit are very in line with the requirements of human physiology and psychology, and play an extremely important role in promoting the physical and mental health of human individuals and the harmonious coexistence of human groups.


Mr. Wei is a state-level athlete and the founder of Hengyi academy. He has rich teaching experience and his students have won many national and provincial wushu competitions. Today, we have the honor to invite Mr. Wei to teach Yang's Taiji to our Au pair.

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After visiting gym and tasting Chinese tea, we start our Taiji course~



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Taijiquan is a symbol of oriental culture and an important bridge and link to promote the exchange between oriental culture and western culture. We hope that the traditional Chinese culture —Taiji can be spread all over the world.


End the course with "hold fist salute"


Mr. Wei pointed out that it is impossible to learn Taijiquan in one class, and it needs long-term persistence and training. However, we believe that our au pair will have a certain understanding of this traditional Chinese martial arts after this course.

We hope that more and more au pair will have the chance to experience such traditional Chinese culture in the future, and also hope that au pair can share their experiences in China with their relatives and friends, so that more foreign friends can understand Chinese culture.

Taijiquan is a symbol of oriental culture and an important bridge and link to promote the exchange between oriental culture and western culture. We hope that the traditional Chinese culture —Taiji can be spread all over the world.
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