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Au pair Homemade Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival

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Au pair Homemade Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival


Moon-cakes (pinyin: yue bing), also known as small cakes, harvest cakes, reunion cakes, etc., is a traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn festival food. Moon-cakes were originally used as offerings to the god of the moon. Offering sacrifices to the moon is a very ancient custom in China. In fact, it is a kind of worship of the "god of the moon". Today, Eating moon cakes and appreciating the full moon on the Mid-Autumn festival are essential customs in all parts of north and south China. Moon-cakes symbolize a happy family reunion, they are used as holiday food to offer sacrifices to the moon and as gifts to relatives and friends.


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On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn festival, we held a Mid-Autumn festival seminar for our au pair. What’s more, we also prepared some food material for moon-cakes making , so that our au pair in China can make their own moon cakes and let them know more about this traditional Chinese culture.


欧美惠互惠生自制月饼活动-图片-讲座2      2364512_meitu_1

 Mid-Autumn festival and moon cake knowledge seminar 



Mooncake making process


2364502_meitu_1  2364503_meitu_1  2364504_meitu_1

The final product


Although the moon-cakes made by au pair are not as beautiful as the packaged moon cake, each homemade moon-cake contains the true heart feeling of our au pair, which always tastes better than the ones bought back from a shop.



欧美惠互惠生自制月饼活动-图片-饺子       欧美惠互惠生自制月饼活动-图片-吃饺子1

After making the mooncakes, we also prepared another traditional Chinese food - dumplings for everyone! Today's speciality is homemade moon cakes and the delicious dumplings. What a wonderful day : )

Don't hesitate to j​​​​​oin our au pair program in China, spend more different traditional Chinese festivals with us, and explore more different Chinese cultures together.

Feel free to online apply online in anytime, I hope to meet you in China very soon!


Don't hesitate to j​​​​​oin our au pair program in China, spend more different traditional Chinese festivals with us, and explore more different Chinese cultures together.
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