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Kyleigh 's Au pair adventures in China: How does she deal with child?

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Kyleigh 's Au pair adventures in China: How does she deal with child?


In recent years, the Au pair program in China has become more and more popular, and Au pairs from many different countries travel thousands of miles to join in Chinese host families for this. Home-stay in a warm and friendly Chinese host family is really a wonderful thing, you not only can help the kids to learn foreign languages and accumulate teaching experience, but also can take this opportunity to travel to China and explore Chinese culture, as well as create some good memories with the host family.


However,there's also a lot of concern among those people who don't have the experience of being an Au pair. How did the other Au pairs teach those kids English? How do they get alone with children in the life with host family?

Follow our website and social media, discover the wonderful sharing and interesting Au pair experiences. Thanks to American Au pair - Kyleigh for sharing the details and vivid pictures and videos with the host family. Let's explore her Au pair experiences and learn the secrets.


The protagonists of the story is the host kid Hannah and Kyleigh from the United States. Hannah is a slightly shy girl. After the advice of the professional trainer from OM-Au pair Center, the host parents encouraged her  to give more support and mutual trust on Kyleigh. Let Hannah and Kyleigh spend more time alone. Kyleigh is really responsive to the child's needs. After a month they are completely be familiar with each other, and close as sisters.

The host mom said she learned that learning a foreign language can be so much fun with Au pair, and they can really be friends together.

In daily life and traveling, Kyleigh would took the initiative to communicate with Hannah in English. Kyleigh would patiently told Hannah all the words about the new things in life, and then repeated them back to deepen her memory.

After a day's schedule , Kyleigh and Hannah will play some games or draw pictures together. Kyleigh always interacts with Hannah in various interesting ways and made Hannah depend on her so the kid can be more active in learning.

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There are many ways to learn a language. Kyleigh teach in the way that Hannah would like and interested in according to her hobbies and habits. Simple pictures and games can simplify complicated English concepts, which can not only make the learning process more interesting, but also deepen the memory.


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Knowledge of grammar, pronunciation of phonetic symbols, vocabularies learning. 


Hannah likes drawing very much, hence Kyleigh also learned to draw with her together. Using the drawing way to discover Hannah's potential, lets her be able to know more vocabularies and tell different stories. The professional trainer from OM-Au pair Center also taught Kyleigh repeatedly, The simplest way to improve the tacit understanding between Au pair and the kid is directly from the interest of child. Kyleigh also said that it's really quite easy and fun way, you don't need to consider what's the best method to teach. As long as the kid like it, she is willing to learn anything.”

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The host parents were surprised by it, they said “we don't know that our daughter has such unrestrained imagination and creativity until we join in Au pair program. Kyleigh is such a sweet girl and we are so happy to meet her!”


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The animated characters on the paper seem to come to life. It's important to cultivate common interests between kid and Au pair.


Kyleigh is not only a teacher, but also a good friend and a big sister for Hannah. The host parents always buy the tickets of various shows and movies for them, so that they can have the chance to stay and play alone together. Kyleigh is very happy to take care of little Hannah in a variety of different environments and situations, because she can teach the kid more language expression, and they have created their own unforgettable experience and good time together.                 

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daily life

To sum up Kyleigh's experience in dealing with children. First of all, cultivate common interests with the child so you can get alone with each other. Secondly, spending more time with the kid alone and teach he/she to speak foreign language according to surrounding environment.

The advantage of OM-Au pair program in China is that you can learn real Chinese in local environment, travel around China, learn more Chinese culture and customs, create good memories with Chinese host families, and add a good experience to your life!                 

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Sweet Memories

We hope that more and more outstanding young people from different countries can join our Au pair program in China. Join in us now, accumulate teaching experience, learn more Chinese knowledge, Explore traditional Chinese culture and customs with local family together!

We hope to meet you in China soon!


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We hope that more and more outstanding young people from different countries can join our Au pair program in China. Join in us now, accumulate teaching experience, learn more Chinese knowledge, Explore traditional Chinese culture and customs with local family together!
We hope to meet you in China soon!
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