OM-AuPair Program: Live in Chinese family and learn Chinese and culture

OM-Mandarin Courses: Native Mandarin teachers online one-to-one lessons

Explore a country with local host family.

Travel free with host families

Meet friends from all over the world
Often happy together, never alone

Experience authentic culture
Rich and colorful cultural activities

Experience ancient culture and architecture

Take free trips offered by OM

We are very happy that you decided to join our Au pair program!

This application form is the basis for your personal coordinator when it comes to finding a suitable family and destination for you. And you must not state false information or omit important facts.

Don't forget upload your photos, preferably together with children and family.

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    Final Statement

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    I have the financial means to return home safely in case I quit the program or am expelled and discharge OM-Aupair and its partners from any responsibility in that regard. *


    I agree that my basic information as well as the pictures and documents I handed in can be shared in order to find a host family and project-related purposes. *


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