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Chinese host family

The Chinese family concept is very strong.
In the past, most families had parents and grandparents and children.
With the development of urbanization, many elderly people do not live with young people, especially in some big cities.
Chinese families are usually close and harmonious, and parents pay attention to their children's education, so most children will have a lot of extracurricular classes.

  • Family

    Experience different family cultures

  • Chinese families eat at home most of the time, which means you can taste authentic Chinese family food.
    Chinese host families are usually in big cities. They usually return to their hometowns to meet with their loved ones on weekends or holidays. This is also a good opportunity for you to travel around China.
    Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and living with Chinese families is the best way for culture understanding.

    living habit

    Traditional Chinese families are very large. Children, parents, and grandparents usually live together.
    But as an Au Pair home-stay, generally is in a modernize city, grandparents don't necessarily live together, and most of the families have a babysitter to help with the cooking and cleaning.
    Most families have one child, and some families have 2 children.

    Family members