OM-AuPair Program: Live in Chinese family and learn Chinese and culture

OM-Mandarin Courses: Native Mandarin teachers online one-to-one lessons

Explore a country with local host family.

Travel free with host families

Meet friends from all over the world
Often happy together, never alone

Experience authentic culture
Rich and colorful cultural activities

Experience ancient culture and architecture

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  • HSK test

      Words 词汇 Characters 汉字
    HSK 6 5,000 2,663
    HSK 5 2,500 1,685
    HSK 4 1,200 1,064
    HSK 3 600 617
    HSK 2 300 347
    HSK 1 150 174



  • Children courses

    Leve 5-7 Be able to handle with a large number of communicative tasks, demonstrate the ability to narrate and describe things in detail accurately
    Leve 3-4 Communicate on very familiar topics using a variety of words and phrases.
    Leve 2

    Understand and use simple Chinese words and sentences for basic daily communication.

    Leve 1 Identify and master some high frequency words and phrases, develop the continuous Chinese learning skills.
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